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Sports Coatings is pleased to announce that it has recently been acquired by multi-national construction products manufacturer DCP-International Based in Jordan and with its headquarters and Technical Centre located just outside the capital, Amman, DCP-International has numerous manufacturing sites in the country along with manufacturing/sales operations in the wider Middle East region, Asia and Europe, including the UK.

DCP-International's vast portfolio of products for the construction industry accounts for an annual turnover in excess of £50m, with the technology behind these products being very similar to that already utilised by Sports Coatings. In the short-term, the intention is to integrate DCP-International's UK manufacture into our purpose-built factory at Haverhill, Suffolk, along with its UK-based staff, comprising technical sales, administration and logistics personnel. In the longer term, the intention is to integrate other DCP-International product manufacture into Haverhill whilst continuing to manufacture our own extensive portfolio of products for the sports surface industry.

Mike Burton, Sports Coatings' Technical Sales Manager, takes up the story. "DCP-International were attracted to us late last year because of our ability to toll manufacture products for companies like them, together with our long-held ISO 9001 quality assurance accreditation. From the point that we first met with them, however, it was immediately apparent that the two companies were very similar in their approach to business, even though we operate in different markets, and that genuine opportunities lay ahead for both of us if we combined our resources.

"Since then we've been quietly working towards the acquisition, which was completed in full early May time. It's fair to say that the whole of the Haverhill workforce is absolutely thrilled now that the acquisition has gone through and they're eagerly looking forward to showing off their experience and expertise as they await the first tranche of manufacturing to be transferred to us.

I'm tremendously excited about the acquisition since it'll enable Sports Coatings to service markets in new regions of the world with some first-class products, this certainly being the case where our ITF classified and EN14904 accredited products are concerned. Being able to tap into the available resource at the Amman Technical Centre is also a real plus point and will really assist our own ongoing product development programme. Ultimately, though, it's fantastic news for our extremely loyal and supportive customers, who I can assure will continue to receive the same loyalty and support from Sports Coatings as we embark on what's sure to be an exciting journey for the company - and one which I'm delighted be undertaking with a partner of DCP-International's standing".