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Sports Coatings is a Don Construction Products Company
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Tuf-Cote for high density linesUtilising highly effective xylene-free solvent-based acrylic technology, Tuf-Cote is specially designed to have extra durability over general purpose marking paints.

Lines are applied more consistently and thickly with Tuf-Cote, meaning surface markings will have extra visibility and will withstand higher than normal levels of activity.

Incorporating special pigments to ensure brightness, Tuf-Cote lines will remain highly visible for the lifetime of the paint.

Tuf-Cote aerosols are designed to be used by hand or in a robust 4-wheel aerosol trolley specially constructed for the purpose. The 4-wheel trolley, available from Sports Coatings, can be set to mark lines at 50mm (2”) or 75mm (3”) widths and is easily converted to a 2-wheel version.

For a 50mm line and depending on application speed, coverage per can is approximately 100m.
Tuf-Cote is available in white and yellow with special colours available on request.

Tuf-Cote features:

  • Easy application for precise markings
  • Low odour
  • Fast drying for minimal downtime
  • Consistent application for optimum coverage
  • Thicker lines for extra durability
  • Bright pigmentation for better visibility

Tuf-Cote is ideal for marking natural grass, synthetic grass and tarmac or cement based hard surfaces.

Tuf-Cote should be used for temporary lines on tennis and netball courts, school playgrounds, 5-a-side and full sized football pitches, car parks and other demanding industrial uses.

To download the product leaflet please use this download link. Download Leaflet

A Technical Datasheet for this product is also available for download. Download Datasheet