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Sports Coatings is a Don Construction Products Company
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GMC Spray Marker Standard Application by Spray MachineGMC SPRAYMARKER STANDARD is our highly-concentrated water-based line-marking paint. This option is preferred by smaller clubs and facilities. The dilution of the paint at the point of application is under the control of the user and may be adjusted to suit the conditions of the surface.


  • Free-flowing for easy dilution in water
  • Bright pigmentation for high visibility
  • Weather resistant when dry
  • Acrylic resin binder to give better adhesion and a long lasting line
  • May be used in any suitable spray marking machine
  • For over-marking, capable of being diluted 1:6

GMC SPRAYMARKER STANDARD is intended for use on natural grass and shale surfaces and is applied by spray marking machines.

Use the GMC Spray Machine to apply GMC SPRAYMARKER STANDARD. moreinfo2

A Technical Datasheet for GMC SPRAYMARKER STANDARD is available for download. Download Datasheet