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Sports Coatings is a Don Construction Products Company
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Sports Coatings Sprayjet Line Marking MachineThe GMC Spray Machine is designed to mark sports pitches with controlled application rate, precision and at a pace that saves time and expense.

The machine features a large capacity liquid reservoir, high power electric pump driven by rechargeable battery, adjustable nozzle and side-shields.

Provided the correct liquid line marking paint is used at the recommended dilution the GMC Spray Machine is easy to clean after use. To assist in cleaning we recommend Sports Coatings Powerflush.

Sports Coatings Sprayjet Line Marking MachineThe consistent spray output ensures that lines are well defined and repeatable even when application is done in conditions unsuitable for transfer-wheel machines.

GMC Spray Machine features:

  • 30 litre reservoir for liquid line-marking paint
  • Twin nozzle spray assembly - double mark in a single pass
  • Full day’s marking with fully charged battery - battery charger is included
  • Adjustable handle for a comfortable posture
  • User friendly controls
  • Large aperture filling port - quarter-turn quick-release tank lid
  • Sports Coatings Sprayjet Line Marking MachineFolding spray arm for safe machine transport
  • Robust construction

The Sports Coatings GMC Spray Machine should be used wherever line-marking to a high standard is required.

Optional equipment: athletics boom and rear carrying pack.

We recommend GMC Spraymarker Premium, Spraymarker Standard and Sprayjet for use in the GMC Spray Machine. GMC Gold and Platinum can also be used (please consult our Technical Services Department).

Download a product leaflet by following the link.Download Product Leaflet